1) Achilles Tendon Tear

A little background… I’m a fit 34 year old male who lives in Ohio. I’m 6′ tall and 165lbs, and my main exercise has always been racquetball. I play several times a week for ~2hrs and have done so for years.

On December 28, 2017 I was finishing up my last game of the night and it felt like someone stomped on my heel with a boot, I realized no one was near me and something bad had happened…. I stumbled out of the court, managed to shower and drive home but the pain was pretty bad.

By the next day the pain was gone, but my left foot really didn’t work, I could put weight on it in a locked position but that was it.

Some advice and googling led me to try the Thompson test, which is an easy way to tell if you tore (ruptured) your Achilles. I squeezed my calf and my foot didn’t move… not a good sign!

Here’s how the tendon looked…. pretty swollen.

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