4) Surgery

The worst part of surgery was the IV, because the nurse missed my massive veins several times before she called in another nurse who was able to get the IV immediately. All in all, not bad – just a little annoying.

Then into the room for a nerve block, HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GET THIS!!! It was two tiny pricks that they say will be like bee stings but I could barely even feel.

Then we rolled into the OR, and they said they were giving me some meds and that’s all I recall.

My next memory was waking up in the recovery unit. I rubbed my eyes, came to and it was like waking up in the morning- no other anesthesia effects. My leg was numb from the knee down and in a soft cast, and it hurt pretty good despite the nerve block. They gave me some meds and that helped. 10 min later I asked how long I needed to stay, they said I could leave whenever, so off I went home, about 3 hrs after I arrived!

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