8) Removing soft cast – 2 weeks post surgery

Exactly 14 days after my surgery I loaded my scooter into the back of my SUV, headed to the doctors office and scooted in with my aircast in the basket. That damn basket is great!

This visit wasn’t with the doctor, it was with another guy who took the cast off, snapped some pics of my leg, said it looked awesome, answered my questions, and added a realistic 4 part heel lift into the air cast.

I’m to remove each heel lift level per week, and in 4 weeks I see the surgeon for approval to get into shoes!

The aircast is nice, I’m allowed to put as much weight on it as I can tolerate, it enables pants (back in the world baby!), and I can remove to sleep and shower.

So after a day with the aircast, I could put partial weight on it. Then the next day I could put full weight on it, and strapped back on my even up shoe leveler. A day later I went from crawling into the shower (gotta be careful without the boot) to walking in gently, avoiding bending ankle or putting much weight on it.

I might have even climbed a short ladder to take down the Christmas garland around the door 🙂

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