6) Crutches Suck, buy a scooter

Hated the crutches like everyone… wrapped them in old tee shirts for padding, which helped… using them got easier and I felt like after a week my body adapted to using them.

Will all of my free time on the couch recovering post surgery, I had endless hours to shop for my solution… and went with a $160 scooter.

Amazon delivered to my doorstep, I dragged it in and assembled it and the rest is history.

My logic was this avoided going out in the winter weather to pick up a rental, and people sell these things on Craigslist for $125 used (except for when I needed one!), so I could easily sell the thing later and it would only cost me $60 in the end.

Oh how I love this scooter!! We have wood floors and firm carpet on the 1st floor and this made life so easy. Little things, like getting a cup of coffee – try that on crutches! Plus the basket is awesome for holding drinks, tv remote, etc.

Still used the crutches to get upstairs for bed, but was able to mainly scoot.

I was bored quickly, so decided to add some under cabinet lighting. The scooter basket was perfect for carrying my tools!

Not to bad, huh?

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