7) Work from home if you can

My Achilles tear happened in the middle of winter in northeast Ohio, and I learned quickly that crutches and exposed toes in a soft cast don’t do well in winter weather.

I’m a sales manager, so luckily I already work from home and just had to stop flying for a month.

If you have an office job, I’d try to work from home for a couple weeks. Biggest reason? You can’t get any pants over that huge soft cast! So I lived in mesh shorts with super baggy sweats as my only other option. And the soft cast lasted 2 weeks for me… I also moved my computer downstairs to the main level, which was a smart suggestion by my brilliant wife! I travel a lot for work and spend a ton of time on the phone, so I already had a Bluetooth – but if you don’t this will also make crutch/scooter life easier. No hands!

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