2) What to do until you see the doctor?

So after I realized I had torn my Achilles, I quickly realized it was a Friday before New Years weekend… which meant it would be a few days before I saw a doc.

My wife suggested an orthopedic prompt care, which sounded better than an E.R.

After a few hours, the doc at the prompt care confirmed the tear, setup a meeting with a surgeon and set me up with an aircast.

Here’s my advice for the DIY folks out there… if you diagnose the tear at home through the Thompson rest and need support – go on amazon and buy the aircast for $85.

The prompt care charged $550 for the air cast and $150 for 4 pieces of styrofoam… no wonder our healthcare system is broken!


Heel lift

I also highly recommend spending $25 to get an evenup shoe riser off amazon, that will lift your other shoe to a comfortable level and keep you from hurting your back/hips when walking in the aircast.

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